Friday, 29 July 2011

Paw Pourri Charity Shop

Paw Pourri Animal Rescue have secured a lovely little charity shop which will open for business in the next few days. In order to keep the shop stocked and pretty, we are looking for donations of all good quality second hand clothing, unwanted gifts, books, small items of furniture etc. So please please keep us in mind when you are doing your next household clear out! A huge amount of work has gone into the shop to get it ready for business. Volunteers have put in lots of work and its amazing what can be achieved when people come together with a shared passion. Some pictures of our progress below.
 Huge thanks to the very talented (and extremely handsome) Eddie for doing all the carpentry in the shop and kitting it out with shelves and storage. Also for making the loveliest counter place in the whole of Ennis. ;)
Muchas Gracias to Aud for donating her time painting the floor and her money to pay for my parking ;)

Much love to Tara - our very own interior designer who selected the colours and style to make our shop stand out from the rest.

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