Monday, 26 May 2014

More reasons to foster... Ruby

Another great reason for fostering:
If you are travelling or working abroad for months on end and can't have a permanent animal but still want the company of one once you are at home!

This is Ian and Ruby's story which illustrates another great reason why to foster. Ruby is a female, neutered English Sheepdog:

"I contacted Paw Pourri after deciding I would like to foster a dog. I have a big garden and lots of time while I am home here in Ireland. When I went to meet Ruby for the first time, out from the van jumped this wonderful, friendly, shaggy, tail wagging bundle of life and love. From that moment on I knew Ruby was a special dog.

Ruby is a very obedient dog, loving and always up for anything. She is happy on and off the lead. She will fetch until she drops and is completely addicted to water: She just loves to swim. 

She never runs after other dogs and is friendly to everyone she meets. Everybody we meet comments on how good she is. 

Guess who loves to ride in the passenger seat with her head stuck out the window watching the world go by? :-)

She lets me know when she wants to go to the toilet by either bringing me a ball or pulling at my hand and pointing at the door. It is quite remarkable just how well trained she is. 

Ruby loves cats! Loves them in a way dogs do. She will chase them until she can't find them, so it is her only flaw but what can I say - she is a dog.

It has been a pleasure. We have had such a great time, and I really made a friend, and I know she feels the same way. We would go on long walks and sit by the fire listening to music. Yes, she is a music fan.

Ruby is a perfect family dog and would relish in the affection a family would give her. For the outdoors person, she is also prefect. Except for cats, she is great with all other animals and will say hi to all the cattle, horses, other dogs and donkeys we have come across on our adventures. 

I am an outdoor person. I spend a lot of my time going surfing and walking. Ruby has been the perfect company. I will be sad to say goodbye and will hope every day she finds the home she deserves."

Ian is working on superyachts and might be gone sailing for many months at a time.

For him, it would not be feasible to have a full-time dog, or any animal really. But he still wants to enjoy the companionship of a dog, and the joy that a dog bring to his life.

But more importantly, he wants to help those who had been abandoned and have not found a forever home yet. 

So he pledged to help in any way he can - starting by fostering his first dog, Ruby. His motivation was to give her a holiday from her routine at the Paw Pourri animal shelter. 

Another very important reason for Ian was that Ruby was to learn that not all humans are bad. He wanted to teach her that trusting humans would work. 

If you want to become a fosterer, call us on 087 9460061 or send us a message on Facebook. We will then have a chat with you about the best options, and take it from there!

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