Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fundraiser Photos - Summer fun in Lissycasey

14 June 2014 - Thanks to all supporters and sponsors we had a great day at Mauro's Splash Car Wash in Lissycasey where the cars had to double park to wait their spa treatment turn! 

Also on offer were archery, cakes, teas & coffees, bubbles, lots of bubbles, face painting and barbecue. 

Have a look at the pictures taken by volunteer Karin last Saturday. Again - we can't thank everybody 
enough who supported us with donations, helping, sponsoring and buying things! You really make a huge difference in the life of all those animals in need!

Archers of Ennis showing how to shoot an arrow.

Meadhbh from Fish Face Face Painting, Shannon

Mauro and his excellent team!

DJ Gary Hill behind a screen of bubbles

Double waiting queue

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