Sunday, 6 July 2014

Happy kittens - happy mum Pudsy

Early May, we received a desperate call for help. A lovely and friendly ginger cat had shown up at a house in Doolin.

For 3 days already, the cat had been around Isabella's house. She seeemd to be pregnant. She had a funny forehead which looked more like a brush, and she seems very young, very friendly (not wild), and very smart.

As much as Isabella would have loved to, she wasn't able to take the cat into the house because she was going to go back to Germany a few weeks later. She felt very sorry for her because "Ginger" was a wonderful cat.

We posted a request for help on Facebook, hoping that somebody would take the cat in for the few weeks following her giving birth. We got quite a few offers for help - that is saying quite a lot about the big hearts of our Facebook friends!

Mary in Kilnaboy saw the picture of "Ginger" and fell in love with her. She offered immediately to take her in - and keep her!

Once Isabella had brought "Ginger" to Mary, we got this update on this little lady:

"She is settling well apart from this morning, when she cried for about 4 hours as she wanted to go out. Now she has found a nice comfy chair to rest on and is sleeping. We can see the kittens moving in her belly so all seems to be well there & she has a great appetite. Bonus: she is also house trained x".

"We love her, she won't be going anywhere as this is her home. Amazing such a small thing can capture your heart so quickly. We have called her Kipper, we already have people asking about homing the kittens & of course we will be keeping one ourselves."

A few days later:
"Update on our lovely little ginger mum to be, kittens are moving about like mad in mums tum. We thought they would have made an appearance by now!! So we are just playing the waiting game. We have had to change her name as my husband kept calling her Fish Finger. He has renamed her Pudsy. I will update next week, hopefully with pics of the much awaited arrivals x."

And true to her word, that is exactly what Mary did. She sent a picture with "4 of Miss Kipper's 7 babies. Unfortunately 2 of her litter were stillborn, mum and all 5 babies are doing well."

So happy ending for everybody! The kittens will all go to good homes once they are old enough to be taken from the mother.

We want to thank Mary and her family for taking this cat in and making it possible for her to give birth and bring up her kittens in a safe and loving environment. If only all animals would be so lucky! 

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