Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dog Found

Handsome male greyhound/lurcher mix (we think) was found last Wed 23rd in East Clare. He had spent a number of days sleeping at the side of a busy country road. Paw Pourri volunteers spent the whole night trying to catch him using every type of treat/meat/food coaxing imaginable. We even used a little puppy to lure him over!! After 11pm he headed off into the night and as we only had a little flash light we lost him and had to call it a night. One of the girls on the search was heading to work the following morning at 5am and drove past his spot and found him curled up asleep sleeping. He must have waited til we all gave up before he went back to his spot. She pulled over to give him a blanket and water and as expected he scampered off. But what she didn't expect was when she sat back into her car - she got the shock of her life - the dog was curled up in the passenger seat!!!!! He is now in the safe hands of Paw Pourri Animal Rescue. He is an extemely gentle and sweet dog. Hopefully his owners are out there somewhere??? Please contact Paw Pourri on 087 9460061.

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  1. Thanks for posting this story. It is wonderful to see how a horrible situation was turned around into a wonderful outcome!! This gives me hope. I found this inspiring animal story to share with everyone. It is such a miracle.