Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Lia is a beautiful Llewellyn Setter rescued in Kilbaha, Co. Clare, three weeks ago.  When found, Lia was very underweight, and was extremely unwell.  She was carrying a litter of dead puppies.  The Vet operated on Lia at midnight and he was unsure whether she would survive the night.  But, very, very happily, she did.
Lia is about five years old, is house trained and is very good with very young children.  She also gets along very well with other dogs. Lia seems to be fine with cats (and not chasing them!).  On being introduced to cats on a particular day, Lia did not react at all. But further 'tests' have yet to be carried out!
Lia is a most gentle dog and is very good on the lead.  However, she really does love a good run, but she always returns.  Lia would do very well with long walks and runs and to have the safety of an enclosed garden.
The family who rescued Lia really love her and would love to keep her.  However, with two small children, two large dogs and a small house, this is not possible.  But her foster family really want to find her the very best home. 

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